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Wordmix: Crossword online
Wordmix: Crossword online

Word search is the best workout for the brain! "Word games" have long dominated the whole globe. That is why we invite you to play the “Wordmix” game.

👱‍Alice and a raccoon are waiting for you in the game, who will help you throughout all levels. Playing “Wordmix” regularly will help you improve your vocabulary, spelling, concentration, and perseverance. This is a great memory training for kids and adults!

This is a game for those who want to combine learning and fun in one. An ideal find for lovers of casual games.

😇Find hidden words and solve the crossword puzzle faster than your opponents. You can easily guess the words at first, but the levels will get increasingly tough as time goes on. You will need to connect ingenuity and attentiveness in order to have time to find all the words faster than your rivals.

Compete with other players, advance in levels and earn coins!

🎁It will be more enjoyable to play if you invite friends to the game. For inviting friends and joining a group, you will receive additional coins! And that's not all!

💥Take part in the “Star Tournament” and the “Diamond Chase”. You will have a limited amount of time to collect all the stars and diamonds and take the top spot in the tournaments.

The latest innovation from the developers at “Zebomba Games”. Join and play!

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