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Villa by the sea: Find differences
Villa by the sea: Find differences

Alice and her faithful dog are always looking for new experiences! The heroes are on their way, and you are invited to join them!

📚 Entertaining story

Let's start our journey with an abandoned villa by the sea, which has fallen into disrepair and needs to be renovated as quickly as possible! Finish the reconstruction and move on.

🔍 Familiar mechanics

Complete levels, find differences, and collect stars to restore locations. In each new chapter, you'll find over 100 repair objects. Relax in a leisurely and calm game, progress from stage to stage, learning the story of Alice and her new acquaintances.

🏆 Variety of tasks

Tired of renovations? Participate in a daily challenge, enter a tournament, or complete a special event objective. Choose tasks according to your mood and get the most out of the experience.

🌍 Colorful world

You will find thousands of pictures, complex differences, and picturesque locations. Bright comics and dialogues on each new map will reveal the character and history of the new character. You won't get bored!

👪 Combine pleasure with useful

Develop mindfulness and visual memory by looking at complex pictures. Can you find all the discrepancies in the pictures without using hints? Test your skills in spotting the differences with the whole family!

🌟 Captivating gameplay

You will be able to see in real-time how the location reverts to its previous glory! Repair the building and its surroundings, install new furniture, grow plants, and decorate the space. The game will drag on for hours! Find out what happens next in the enchantingly stunning “Villa by the sea: Find differeces” game!

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