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Bird's Revenge
Bird's Revenge

Casual game about one angry bird.

Become a square bird in this casual game even though a scientist turn you into a chicken! Can you become the square bird and join the angry chicken?

Join an angry flying and dodge traps — win the tournament of the casual games with a square bird! Are you ready for the journey?

«Birds Revenge» is more than just a runner:

📚 Fascinating plot

You are a square bird with tiny wings, and you have to lead the resistance and fight with the crazy professor! Can you learn to fly fast enough?

🐦Bright characters

A huge selection of chicken and their tiny wings. Can you learn to fly fast and whose playing style do you prefer?

😈 Unpredictable enemies

Your task is to prevent people from enjoying life! Get them wet!

💥 Deadly traps

Can you escape the danger and lead the feathered army to victory? Play together with other players and win the race!

🍊 Lots of fruits

Fruits give you an advantage in the run. Choose them wisely and play together in the tournament mode.

🌍 Original locations

Explore subway labyrinths, find your way out of the urban jungle and more. An exciting world awaits you to play together!

🏆 Game leagues

Compete against other players around the world and prove that you are the best runner!

💥 Various game modes

Enjoy the plot and explore locations. The main thing is not to die before the end of the chicken run. In the «Tournament» mode, you can find a real online other players, and you prove yourself to the fullest! Play together and earn a big reward.

💎 Resource exchange

There are plenty of crystals, but not enough other resources?

Get ready for the journey!

The game is available on platforms: